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The solution

CarpeDiab aims to be an advanced service for type 2 diabetes management.

It will aid the identification in the general population of individuals who either are at higher risk of developing or have yet to be diagnosed with diabetes type 2. It will also support already diagnosed type 2 patients in adapting to a lifestyle suitable to their condition.

Each category will benefit from targeted behavioural change strategies to avoid or delay the insurgence of type 2 diabetes while for those at risk, or for those more complexly affected, to avoid complications It will make use of state-of-art technology in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and status sensing to ensure that the workload of healthcare professionals looking after diabtes type 2 patients is substantially eased.

Expected impact

The deployment of CarpeDiab will also be accompanied by change management strategy aimed at changing the behaviour of patients and healthcare professionals to take full advantage of the possibility that technology opens. Furthermore, the impact of CarpeDiab as a Technology Enabled Care intervention will be evaluation using the multidisciplinary assessment methodology MAST.

To ensure a high rate of acceptance by users, CarpeDiab will use adaptable user interfaces based on natural language recognition and avatars for patients while it will integrate with the usual digital working environments of healthcare professionals wherever this exists. Where such an environment does not exist, configurable native dashboards will be provided