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Call for Tender

The process starts with and Open Market Consultation and afterwards the launch of an open European-wide call for tenders. The call is expected in September 2017. Suppliers are then invited to submit proposals. After the deadline (December 2017), proposals are reviewed and ranked. Up to 5 teams will be invited to enter into a competitive itinerary divided in 3 phases.

Phase 1: Concept design, solution architecture and technical specifications

Duration: 3 months

Budget: up to €450,000

Selected suppliers from the call develop the solution based on the requirements, use cases and service process models defined by the procurers. The solutions which have the highest evaluation score exceeding a threshold are selected by the buyer group for the next phase.

Phase 2: Development of prototype systems in two iterations

Duration: 8 months

Budget: up to €900,000

Selected suppliers develop the prototypes of their solutions in two iterations – v1 as non or partly functional prototypes of key system components, and v2 as functional prototypes, demonstrating concept behaviour and system-wide interaction. Both iterations are subjected to testing with end users at each procurer site. The solutions which have the highest evaluation score by the procurement team are selected for the next phase.

Phase 3: Development and testing of pilot systems

Duration: 15 months
Budget: up to €1,650,000

Selected suppliers develop the pilot systems for an 8-month test under real-life conditions with 200 patients. Systems are installed and tested by the suppliers at the site of each procurer (one pilot per procurer). Operation is maintained at full quality. Suppliers set up and operate a help service and maintenance response team to address problems faced by the patients, professionals and other staff involved at the sites. Help and support is provided at each site.

The selection of the suppliers responding to the call for tenders as well as the evaluation of the outcomes of each phase will happen on the basis of a common set of quality-prize criteria.